Six Month Smiles

Ready for straight teeth but don’t want to invest a year or two to make it happen? Fulp Family Dentistry’s Six Month Smiles could be your solution. This system is similar to traditional braces, but corrects crowded, rotated or misaligned teeth in an average of six months using clear or white ties and tooth colored wires. The brackets and ties are practically invisible at a normal speaking distance and are highly effective in correcting esthetic issues Friends and family will barely notice you’re wearing braces!

The Fulp Family Dentistry team is certified in the Six Month Smiles clear braces system to deliver fast, beautiful results. Please feel free to call our office at any time with questions regarding our Six Month Smiles  – it is an effective, safe and affordable cosmetic braces solution. Here are some benefits of Six Month Smiles!

  • – Treatment completed in average of six months
  • – Brackets and wires barely visible
  • – Conservative and predictable final result
  • – Fast and comfortable appointments
  • – Increased comfort, safety and hygiene
  • – Less expensive than traditional braces, aligner therapy or veneers

It is important to know this system is not useful for correcting bite issues or skeletal problems; but is effective in correcting many issues associated with teeth that are crowded or not in alignment. Call today and see if Six Month Smiles is the solution for you!