End Snoring With an Easy-To-Use Oral Device.

Snoring is a big issue!  Whether you’re not sleeping soundly due to snoring or you’re waking up a spouse (or house guests!) with loud snoring, the bottom line is that it creates nighttime sleeplessness and daytime drowsiness for at least one person.  And, what’s worse, snoring can be a sign of sleep apnea, which poses serious health risks, along with very real health issues associated with lack of sleep due to snoring that include stroke, diabetes, and heart disease.

Fulp Family Dentistry’s own Dr. Scott Fulp struggled with snoring; he had issues with not feeling energetic during the day following nights when he snored.  And, of course, his wife Dr. Nicole Fulp wasn’t sleeping as soundly either due to his snoring.

“The snoring was a significant issue for me; I felt tired during the day which is the last thing I want.  I hated that my snoring kept Nicole from sleeping too, it was really becoming more and more of an issue for both of us,” said ‘Dr. Scott’ as is he known to patients. “I didn’t want to go the route of using a CPAP if I could help it.  Nicole read about the oral devices used to stop snoring so we both explored how they worked and the overall effectiveness.  It looked like a valid option, so we decided to give it a try.”

Dr. Scott had his custom fitting at the office and ordered the oral device.  The result?  “It’s life changing,” he says with a laugh. “I have more energy and feel more focused all day long. A huge bonus is Nicole doesn’t have to wake me up anymore because she can’t sleep.”

The oral device to treat snoring is similar to a retainer or sports guard; it is comfortable to wear, easy to use when traveling, and delivers great results for mild to moderate snoring issues. If you or a loved one snores, an oral device may be a great solution; it’s easy to get started, after a custom fitting, our team will order your device and you’re ready to go.  If you need a sleep study, we can work with you to obtain that too.   Call Fulp Family Dentistry today to learn more and see if an oral device may help solve your snoring problem!